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This audio experience is designed to be listened to from the Nicholas Building, 

Melbourne, VIC, Australia. The Nicholas building is home to a community of over 200 artists, creatives and many independent enterprises. Many studios are private and not open to the public. We respectfully ask that you keep noise to a minimum.

What equipment do I need to access the audio experience? 

You will require a smart phone with mobile data (for internet access) and your own set of personal headphones. 

How do I access the audio experience?

Once you are on location at the Nicholas building use this link to access the audio track: 

Where do I begin?

The experience begins from Level 1 of The Nicholas Building outside of Flinders Lane Gallery. 

What happens when I walk around?

The audio experience has been specially designed across more than one layer of sound. When you gently move your phone around the room(on select floors), you will hear the second soundtrack. These layers are designed to be listened to simultaneously as you walk through the building.

Do I have to keep moving my phone?

In short, no. As you walk through the space carrying your phone, you will notice that different soundtracks play automatically. If you want to experience more, pause and experiment with slowly moving your phone around the room as if you are standing on a pivot point.

How many soundtracks are there?

This work is dynamic and ever evolving. There will eventually be soundtracks on levels 1-9 of the building. 

What time does the building close?

The Nicholas Building is open from 8am - 5pm daily. 

How can I listen from home?

The audio experience is accessed from inside the Nicholas building.

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